IN PICTURES: The vessels which were awarded the Motor Boat Prize in 2017

Have a look at the vessels that became the best at the 2017 Motor Boat Awards and look at the reasons why jury chose them as the best ones.

2017 Motor Boat Awards is the 11th ceremony which was held on Monday in London.
Eight ships became prizewinners this year. What is more, there was chosen a Service Award prizewinner together with Special Award from Judges Contestant. Just here you have an opportunity to find all the information concerning the ship which became prizewinner and what made jury board make such decisions.

Sports boats & RIBS

Highly laudable: Invictus 240


Champion: Axopar 37


The words of the judges: The victory gets the vessel which has everything needed: mind-bending performance, uncontrived seagoing capacity, most advanced form and a wide range of various deck layouts the cost of which will never stop to overwhelm us.

Sportscruisers mare than 45 square feet

Champion: Marex 310


The words said by the judges: The victory deserves the ship which that is sure to include public places on the deck with precise design and a gorgeous, spacious interior environment. This vessel is sure to be used both for a fast thunder-gust in the wintertime, and it can be used for pleasant times in the sunlight, and a 35-knot velocity can have it be a mixed-use irreplaceable companion.

Sportscruisers up to 45 square feet

Champion: Princess V58


The words said by the judges: Three strong contestants in this very class. All the vessels in this class have a highly designed and are constructed in accord with the current innovation, but one ship deserves closer attention. It stands out since it has more than perfect style and design, high quality, and velocity with a first-class vessel deck spaces.

Wheel Housing and Cabin Cruisers

Highly Laudable: Seaward 42


Winner: Boarnstream Elegance 1300

The words said by the judges: The ship which deserves to become a winner is a modern and practical vessel that has a convenient design of the deckform with a nice, bright interior environment that makes the most of compact Dutch steely boatbuilding and provides it with a new twist.


Highly Laudable: Leopard 43 PC


Champion: Azimut Magellano 66


The words said by the judges: The champion is a ship which combines all the things you could desire to get from passagemaker. It includes a great stowage compartment, a secure deck space, frame lines which are convenient to a sheer number of operating speed and encouragingly solid quality of assembly.

Flying Bridges about 55 square feet

Champion: Sunseeker Manhattan 52


In the category where there is a sheer number of high-class brands, there is one vessel which stands out. It has a peculiar interior environment, stylish design, and high production. This vessel certainly raises its hackles with a nice bright design that makes the atmosphere more pleasant for a very person on the board.

Flying Bridges up to 55 square feet

Highly Laudable: Azimut 72


Champion: Princess 75 Motor Yacht


The words said by the judges: The victory gets the ship which has a great cabin with a flat bottom from settee to steering wheel and marvelous sidelight rules the roost for a gracious boating practice, but, nevertheless, the actual astonishment is a sincerely exciting driving practice and a peak velocity.

Custom-built Yachts

Champion: Riva 76 Perseo

The facts mentioned by the judges: The yacht which became a winner is marvelous to watch from a distance and even more pleasant to watch from near rooms. This yacht is a combination of refined design with good performance figures and an almost ideal mix of up-to-date pculirities and luxurious style.

Famous Service Award, funded by Lombard

Champion: Landau UK

The words said by the judges: This service is known to be at the reasonable price, and they always allowed me be involved in progress. The functional efficiency was high.

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