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The charming Ionians

The Ionian Sea as an alluring destination

Recently the Ionian Sea has become extremely popular among British people and a sheer number of sailors tend to hold a course for this place. This place attracts people for a number of reasons. Only here everybody may enjoy everything at once: mild climate, warm winds, extremely good food in marvelous areas and everything needed for sailing: splendid bracing in various bays. Most British sailors are fascinated by this place indeed. It is definitely one of the best places for cruising which amazes with its beauty. In fact, the sea washes different countries: southern Italy, southern Albania and the west coast of Greece and it is situated between two seas: the Mediterranean Sea together with the Adriatic Sea. You have an incredible opportunity to explore the beautiful islands and the mainland coast of the Ionian aboard one of our fully crewed cabin charter yachts. It is the chance to get involved in the sailing or blow the cobwebs away and enjoy the scenery.

Welcome to the Ionian Islands


The Maistro is the predominant Northwest wind which wafts in the Ionian Sea in the summer time and it should be mentioned that it is a rather pleasant and quiet wind which is the most suitable for the sailing area. Meanwhile, Meltemi wind that predominates in the Aegean Sea is considered to be stronger and more severe and, as a result, there are many storms in this area which are usually expected and do not last for a long period of time. Besides, it is necessary to mention that there can be different weather in this area. Mountains on the Ionian Islands produce different effects. First of all, due to them, it is not so windy in the Ionian Sea because cliffs stop strong winds. A catabatic wind is also known at the seaside of the Ionian Sea, but they are not so frequent.

So if you are going to charter, it would be better for you to get to know a daily weather forecast or ask the port police for weather update since the weather is so changeable here. Being sure that climate and weather altogether are extremely soft here, newcomers in the Ionian Sea do not ask about the weather at first. In general, the average temperatures in this area range from the 10 °C in the winter and 35/36 °C in summer. In winter period, there may be a few days when an extremely cold wind predominates, but, in fact, very cold weather is uncommon here. Besides, those enthusiastic seamen who are willing to sail to Greece from the UK shore understand that it will definitely take at least several months or even more.

Therefore, it would be better to get here by plane. There are many beneficial offers from the airlines. There many flights to Corfu or Cephalonia every season, especially in summer. But, you should take into consideration that the earlier you book the ticket, the cheaper it will be. There are many other alluring opportunities to get to the Ionian Islands. For example, you can first come to Italy, and then catch a car to come to Greece. This journey will take approximately 24 hours. So you kill two birds with one stone: you visit other countries and finally go to your Greece destination. There are many other ports of entry for those sailors who have their own yachts or boats. For example, the Preveza is considered to be the best port of entry. On Corfu, you can easily enter at Corfu Port. This place will never stop to surprise.

Sailors get an ineffable delight from bay-hopping in the Ionian Sea since it has many anchorages to explore. It is a great necessity here to fill your tank with water. This necessity is connected with a fact that after swim can produce the negative effect on your tank and its condition. Even in the small town, there are shops where everybody can replenish supplies. The situation is not the same with diesel gas oil, there can be some problems with it since petrol stations are likely to be situated far away. Sometimes people had to take a taxi to get there. The same is with shorepower which is not always available. So it is recommended to check pilot guide before the cruise in order to know where you can you may find the things you need. Besides, if you are a newcomer, it is recommended to figure out how the ship can behave astern, work out hand signals and everything like that since it may happen that you will moor stern-to.

Stern-to, detailed instruction

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