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the Seychelles

Had been visiting in 2013 the Caribbean, and in 2014 - the Gulf of Thailand, at this time we decided to go to paradise. Paradise, according to the Captain's words, is located in the Seychelles. There we ordered a yacht through our regular partners. The price of the catamaran was the same as in the Caribbean, but the yacht it was rather simpler - somewhat smaller, with two toilets (one toilet per board) and, what was the most important, there was no desalter. For the trip we prepared thoroughly, we bought vodka in Moscow, sausage and buckwheat. According to the Captain's words, the assortment in Seychelles shops is not better than in the Caribbean.


Alex and I met at the office and before the arrival of the taxi we managed to overturn three glasses of vodka "on the course of the leg." Warmly saying goodbye to the people present on the wires Paul and the parrot, we reached the car through the frost and in an hour we were registering at the desk. The resting part of the team pulled up a bit later and the remaining time until the departure time, we, as usual, speeded up in a cafe, underground (more precisely, under the table) drinking whisky that was bought in Duty Free.

Since the soul-heating stocks of vodka were resting in the luggage, the whiskey was bought with reserve, so that it would be enough for a long flight to Dubai. In addition to me there were permanent members of the company - Captain, Alex and Oleg.

A brief description of each member of our team I gave in previous opuses, so I will not repeat myself. The only remark was that Alex was very encouraged by the forthcoming trip, as he expected to find the residents of the Dom-2 in Seychelles and was looking forward to the meeting. The last member of the carriage was to fly directly from Vladivostok to the Seychelles. Under the whiskey, everyone conferred, elected me as the treasurer and threw off money, in a word, everything happened exactly the same as a year and two ago. A tradition was showing up. Flight to the UAE, was transiently finished, because we were all very tired and, having started, had fun, quickly calmed down and went to bed.

Time at the airport in Dubai was spent half-asleep, lazily sipping the stored whiskey from the sachet. And with the plane to the Seychelles in general, there was very fortunate. The liner was half empty and everyone managed to settle comfortably in two or three armchairs, better than in the business class!


A little at noon we landed at the Seychelles International Airport, located on Mahe Island. At the exit, in the crowd of meeting people, we saw Felix dancing a welcome Creole dance, which he had learned during the night stay on the island.

He flew to the Seychelles the day before and apparently had a good time waiting for the meeting.

Felix is our longtime partner and comrade. Successfully he leads a pair of non-state marine educational institutions in Napoli.

On vacation he is just the soul of the company. We have a joint trip to Vietnam in 2014. I described the description of the ritual eating of the cobra in the non-exclusive "Siamese voyage". The motto of Felix on vacation, "I'm in for any moving, except a hunger strike!". Having a country house in Posette, he told us so much and interesting about it that now this little little-known town was the coveted goal of visiting each member of the carriage. What are the only snakeheads that are found in the lake, located directly on the site of Nikolaevich, and sometimes from boredom creeping out of the water and strolling right near his house on the fins. If we stocked with buckwheat, vodka and sausage while preparing for the trip, then Felix brought Japanese whiskey "Santori", wasabi, fishing rods and Far Eastern red caviar with him. The carriage was assembled and after a stormy greeting we found a taxi-minibus (in usual taxi not all people could fit) and headed to the parking lot of our yacht in Eden Island Marina, located on the island of Eden, which connects to Mae with a hundred...

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