Princess 54

Why and how we live on a yacht



Hi guys !

We live on a 35-foot sailing catamaran of French manufacture ( like this)

Three years ago this boat became our home, our transport, our life style, and our place in life. We chose the catamaran because we were going to live on the yacht constantly, and the catamaran is the most comfortable yacht: it does not rock in the parking lot and does not roll during the crossing, it is twice as large as the usual yacht of the same length it has more space on the deck in good weather and is more comfortable inside in bad weather, it has two engines (duplication of systems increases the level of safety), and it unlike a normal yacht forgives more mistakes that we made because of inexperience. Since the catamaran is a mobile real estate, our house is always there where we wanted to go. We really travel, sitting in our own kitchen and changing the view from the window every day, the neighbors and the degree of proximity to civilization. If we want peace and solitude, we go to some uninhabited island, find a quiet empty bay and anchor, turning this place into a dacha with a huge plot on which the neighbors cannot be seen or heard from the house. If we want communication and new impressions, we come to the city of interest to us, we stand into the marina (this is a special port for yachts) or near the quay wall of the city, rent a scooter or a car and go riding around.

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