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Choosing a dinghy - my experience


Everything that you should know to choose the top-of-the-line dinghy

You are sur to be mesmerized by a diversity of tenders. They can be ether a foldable or a rib. What is more, the number of folding and rigid-hulled boats which are known to be used as yacht tenders is excessively diverse. It is sur to be difficult for you to choose the best one among such a wide selection. 

It is necessary to say that there is an extremely wide selection of dinghy boats. This includes ribs, rigid-hulled, folding and many others. Such a wide selection makes a choice difficult. In fact, it is fixed in the marketplace that an inflatable dinghy boat of a middle size that has a transom together with an folding floor is considered to be the top-of-the-line tender for most sailing cruisers.

It is important to comprehend why they are considered to be so popular and whether they are always good and what is the best variant.

The best-selling variant

It fact, it is not difficult to enumerate the reasons why these boats are so popular in the marketplace. They are as following:

– These boats are known to be rock-solid and long-wearing

– The person may stumble over things without any harm to the boat

– These boats are known to be relatively light

– These boats are folding into a quiet little space

– These boats are known to be extremely steady-state

– These boats are known to be able of a heavy weight

– These boats are known to have a nice performance by electricity and are in successful operation under oars

– Because of the inflated floor, it is possible to have dry feet

– The cost will surprise you since it ranges  from approximately £400 to  £2,000

Such a broad cost range is connected with a fact that there are a huge number of different brands of boats in the marketplace. As a rule, these boats differ in the following aspects:


Inflatable boats which fit most sailing cruisers are known to have a size at approximately 2.00m (6ft 6in). It is considered to be an ideal size for a little sailing cruiser. More than that, its size can permit to take two people safely and a little (2 to 2.5hp) boat powered by the outboard motor. In order to carry four people securely in snappish conditions, it is necessary to take a 2.90m (9ft 6in) boat or even more. Inflatable boats with such a size are going to take a 10hp motor despite the fact that it is likely to be hard to service. The most widespread size is considered to be around 2.60m (8ft 6in). This size permits to carry three adults and perhaps a kid. It is also known to have a good capacity, size, and weight. It is also easy to launch it from a little forecastle erection. It is known to...

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