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Choosing a marina ( a few more points)

One more thing. Note that in many European marinas, the contract includes notes in small print, limiting the responsibility of the marina in case of the accidents on the parking lot. In this case, be sure to clarify the matter with your insurer in order not to be the last in the chain of paying for the damage.


It is a time when all the troubles are behind us. Marina is chosen, and the boat is safely delivered to the place of new basing. It seems that you can go home, but you should not be in a hurry. First of all, I strongly recommend that you draw up a defective statement and, possibly, plan and agree on the necessary repairs. Many works requiring professional labor, such as repair of sails, engines, coating of the anchor chain with zinc in a galvanic bath can be while you are absent. In addition, you can be sure that in the spring all workshops will have a mountain of work, and the things which could take two or three days in November will stretch for two or three weeks in April. If you use rare and expensive varnishes and paints on the yacht, replenish your stock in the fall: in the spring the counters of yacht shops are emptied at an amazing speed, and according to Murphy's law, it will be difficult to buy your varnish.

If you leave clothes, books, or expensive interior items on a yacht, I recommend that you sconsider purchasing an electric desiccant. The investment of 100-150 dollar should protect your things from all-pervasive moisture and mold. A good idea may be to order a tent in order to fully cover the deck and c...

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