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My few thoughts about choosing a marina

Choice of a marina

Well, you have become a happy owner of a yacht. Whether it is a motor or sailing, new or second-hand yacht, it is important that in our eyes it is the best and most beautiful boat in the world. And you must have already decided where your splendid yacht will stand. You are most likely to have agreed on parking in a local yacht club. However, more and more ship owners faced severe weather conditions and short navigation in the Baltic and inland waters of Russia and paid their attention to the south - to the azure waters of the Mediterranean Sea. In this article, I will try to help those people who are can't make a decision where and how to keep their boat.

You will say that to have your own yacht in the Mediterranean is a total utopia. You might believe that it is a complicated and costly deal. From my point of view, such a solution, despite the obvious, at first glance, difficulties has a lot of advantages. First, and most thing that you should take into account is that the safe navigation season in the Mediterranean Sea lasts almost 9 months, from April till November. You can go in winter, but by January there is a nasty turn in the weather. So cyclones begin to travel through the 30th latitude, bringing with them severe storms, and, what is more, long transitions at this time can be very risky. In the summertime, the drying rivers begin to carry violent streams of water into the sea and the temperature considerably drops. Therefore, somewhere in October, cruise activity on the Mediterranean Sea is gradually slowing down, virtually dying by November 15. The yachting world begins to awaken from a dream somewhere in March, and by the end of April, almost all areas of the Mediterranean Sea are ready to accept cruisers again.

It is known that dozens of books about the cultural and historical wealth of the Mediterranean Sea have been written. Besides, you are sure to find a corner to your liking here: whether it is a secluded anchorage on the northern coast of Mallorca, eastern markets in Morocco and Tunisia or it is the luxury of Nice and the Cote d'Azur. Many yachtsmen spend a lot of years exploring the coast of the countries: Spain, Italy, Tunisia, Greece, Turkey. The yacht which is constantly located on the Mediterranean Sea gives the owner a unique opportunity to spend his vacation away from the beaches, hotels and tourist restaurants. He can do it when he wants it. Moreover, if you divide the cost of maintaining the yacht for several participants, this can be a very, very economical solution to the matter of the summer rest. It is connected with a fact that yacht is both a hotel and a means of transportation. I am familiar with one such "syndicate" which consists of three elderly English gentlemen who have limited income. They are just pensioners. They keep a 27-foot sailing yacht in one of the countries to the east of the Mediterranean Sea. Their costs for its maintenance (taking into account the payment of the marina, the inevitable upsurge for painting the underwater part and minor repairs) run out at about 2500 dollars a year. By dividing these expenses into three, they receive more than a cheap alternative to a yacht charter.

And the last idea is the freedom of movement between countries. If you take care of the Schengen visa in advance, then you will not have any problems while crossing the state borders of other countries (visas to Turkey, Tunisia, and Morocco are put at the port of arrival). The notions "clearance and departure" come into play only when a person departs for another country, and even in such a case, formalities are usually minimal or there are no formalities.

The second and probably the most difficult decision that you have to make is the choice of a marina or shipyard and where this beauty will stand. There are a sheer number of factors which can influence your choice. This includes protection, protection from bad weather, the distance to the nearest center of civilization (if the marina is not in the city), and, of course, the price. The price for parking in the marina is a tricky one. Many marinas, for example, have a different fee for the use of fresh water and electricity, and, hence, the attractive price which was at the beginning price unexpectedly is higher by 15-20%  when you have to pay a bill. Others marinas are recouped due to the high prices for ascent and parking on the shore. Make sure when asking prices that everything is clear for you, otherwise, you may get an unpleasant surprise when paying bills in the spring.

The second most important factor, in case your boat remain on the water in winter, is the protection of the water area from storms. It is important to take into account not only the overall protection, but also the prevailing direction of stormwind force in winter. So, in Greece and Turkey, despite the predominant northern winds during the summer, it is recommended to pay special attention to protection from wind and waves from the western sector: there will be a gale force of the wind in the winter from that area. Some modern marinas are fenced along the edge by a pier on stilts. Despite the fact th...

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