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Head on to winter – handout

Hi, i'd like to share some easy tips to make your temporary shutdown seamless, trouble-free and efficient.

When the vessel is offshore.

It is good to determine holes, splits, crunches when the vessel is offshore. But when your vessel is in the water try to outline or to take a photo of damaged section. Farther you can determine and cope with the problem.

In case the girder is holding afloat, review the rigging. It is more secure to send somebody apeak while the vessel is in the water and, if you notice something improper, the yardarm can take the girder down afterwards conveniently.

As swaying up the girder, displace girder top tools and lamps, antennas and wind direction indicators. They are stretcher so you can examine their probable defects later.

If you are about to pull the girder down, either shuffle and lay down lashing the outhaul or wrap them round nattily at the foot of the girder. Grease the lanyards and weaken them to simplify the workyard’s task.

The more you take off the vessel the better. It is more practical to evacuate it on a par, than to remount a ladder during hardstand. Empty ditty boxes, gutters, wardrobes, wet them out and run the lockers down to support aeration.

To wash and hazle your sailing craft take it away to the appropriate place. Mind all sail fixes today, while sail-manufacturers are calm, do not postpone it until next sailing season, when they will probably run off their feet.

Take care of your favorite vessel now to pass over the service center’s boom in mid-season. As a result, you will be calm and quite ready for the sailing season.

To save your pillows and soft outfit from moldiness take them away from the vessel or prop them up to create a ventilation around.

Waste all the water and air heaters.

Assure your comburent tank is full with no space for condensation. With that, deliberate about comburent improver.

Empty water containers. If you have removable ones – take them away and brush with bottlebrush. If you have immovable containers stuff them with a Milton solution and leave them standing before drainage discharging.

Transplace the wheel rotor of the velocity pickup: differently there is a risk of permanent defect from the crane stops.

Outboard motors, chart plotters and very-high-frequency radios are valu...

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