Beneteau Antares 36

Inexpensive sailing Part 4 Final

I will explain in more detail:

1. Products.

There are 3 options. The first extreme is to eat only on a yacht, cook from your own products, just as you would eat at home or canned food or caught fish. The second extreme is to eat lobsters, pineapples with champagne and hazel grouses with truffles. :)) We adhered to a reasonable compromise of these two extremes, ate mostly on a yacht. Several times visited restaurants, where they tried fresh fish, shrimp, mussels and other joys of marine life. It is necessary for wives to flash new dresses. ))

So, in our case, for food, it took about 200 euros per person. This is with regard to alcohol (Czech beer, wine, aperol, rum, gin and then on the list).

That's how we ate in restaurants.

On the yacht, cooked all the yummy on the basis of pasta (where without them), and other nannies. By the way, the refrigerator on the yacht is quite a decent size. 

P.s. You can of course fish and completely switch to self-sufficiency, but it is important not to cross the line and do not rest too actively, when there is no time to rest...

P.s. There is another option for catching seagulls, the good of them is enough...

But it's completely hardcore, because they say that there are absolutely unrealistic. And if someone dares, then his boat with the merry name that we met near the Marina Frapa is waiting ...)))

(Who saw the name-well done)

2. Night parking.

Again, variability is present in no small measure. So, what do we have to choose from:

- parking at anchor (freebie sir, i.e. free of charge at all)

- Parking, tied to a buoy

- Parking near the city mall

- parking in the marina

- do not stop and change the shifts, but this is useful for long transitions...

It seems to have...

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