Beneteau Antares 36

Inexpensive sailing Part 2


2. Night parking.

Again, variability is present in no small measure. So, what do we have to choose from:

- parking at anchor (freebie sir, i.e. free of charge at all)

- Parking, tied to a buoy

- Parking near the city mall

- parking in the marina

- do not stop and change the shifts, but this is useful for long transitions...

It seems to have forgotten nothing, if something, correct.

Now more...

- Anchorage.

Pluses are obvious, it is free, and there are a large number of picturesque and wild places. The disadvantages also exist: - it is necessary to find a relatively shallow place, ideally up to 10 m; It's important to check well on the map whether there is a submarine cable (an old captain told us with a lot of experience-he got up to anchor late at night, did not study the map ... he gives up a little backward, the anchor pulls to catch on ... here! And on the neighboring island the light went out. :)))) In general, the extra is all the hemorrhoids for the captain and you need either to have a lot of experience or nerves of steel for the night, you can still change shifts on duty ... well, or bump into a local rakiya before the purple state. (I'm not in the sense that it's purple to become, but in the sense that you will not care about the anchor)))

-Parking on a buoy.

Here everything is again variable. There are free buoys. There is a conditionally free-floating in the kon...

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