Beneteau Antares 36

Inexpensive sailing Part 1

So, despite all the exclamations about the fact that I'm kidding and this holiday is not budgetary, etc.  I repeat that everything is relative. My goal is to inform the people that yachting is not a super-duper, an expensive privilege of people from the category of "tummy, purse and ears". Everything is much simpler and closer to the people. With a strong desire, everyone can try and even become a captain, and having tried it once hard not to get sick. Me here, for example, my friend infected and at the same time the senior skipper of this trip, for which he respected and great human thanks! If someone with a sum of 500-1000 euros per person for a week starts splashing saliva and shouting that "the author is a bastard and a major", then better not read further, but look at the photo of our third captain Dima, who has a management license, actually received in the process of this our trip.

A joke of humor

But seriously, let's imagine the budget of such a trip to a person on the basis of 8 crew members on a yacht of this class without much excesses, but not sitting on bread and water.

So, let's go...

-The ticket to Croatia costs about 280 euros (took from the calculation of Moscow-Split). If there is a friendly company, a minibus, then you can get and cheaper to travel the truth for a long time and sleep either in the same place or in hostels, but really keep within 100-150 euros per person. About hitchhiking I will not exaggerate.

-A charter of the yacht cost us 190 euros per person with all costs (insurance and other) for a week, with a trip to the eight will be even less...<...

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