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How I did quit university and went to live in Monaco

Good afternoon, readers. For the past year and a half, I live in a dwarf state called Monaco. I decided to tell a story based on my own experience, how not to be afraid of change and go to my goal, sounds very trite, but it is.


I was born in Amsterdam, then we moved to Brussels with my parents, where I studied till the 6th grade, and then I moved to Moscow to my grandmother and finished my studies there, passing the EGE more or less normally, but as you guessed, I could not get to the budget, because no one was going to pay for my studies. It was decided to return to study in Belgium, where education is completely free (not including all kinds of duties).

 On the way to the airport, my uncle "advised" not to go to the university (although he has 3 higher educations), but to go to the southern coast of France to work. He says - "the more you have both French and Russian, you quickly adapt." The perspective is not bad, - I thought, you just need to find a job. I decided that I had to go where the money was, and decided to leave for Monaco, which I did afterwards. Arriving in Belgium, my parents discouraged me from this idea, they say, that it is better to get an education, and  then I remember their words, but of course I got fired up with my idea and thought only of it.

Going to the sites of hr-agencies in Monaco, I immediately found several interesting vacancies with a good salary. It turns out that to get to work on a yacht; you must first obtain a certificate of knowledge of safety standards, ...

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